Our Huts

We manufacture our huts to a standard size of 4800mm long by 2250mm wide. The huts are manoeuvrable and do not require planning permission.

Our open plan hut has a dividing wall and a sliding door to one end. It comes fully insulated and electrically wired with sockets and lighting. The external walls are built using a combination of vertical corrugated steel and eco-friendly eucalyptus hardwood, which OJW has a reputation of using. Wooden hand painted windows and stable entrance door are a standard. The huts sit on traditional cast iron wheels, draw bar and timber chassis, just as they were made 200 years ago.

From the open plan hut a more bespoke unit can be obtained by simply adding items in from the order list, ultimately OJW can create your dream hut.

Some hut ideas are as follows:
Add the oak and hand painted kitchen, timber double bed base, wood burning fire, fully fitted shower room and you end up with the “Intimate Sleeper”.
Simply add the serving hatch and shelving and you have a kiosk hut.
With your own desk and draw pedestal you could achieve a garden office hut.
Other ideas are yoga studio, man cave, spa / treatment room, kid’s crash pad, booking / sales office, pottery studio, craft / hobby room etc.