A Brief History of Shepherd Huts


There is much about the history of the shepherd hut online, so to be brief we’ll let you know that they have been used for hundreds of years, by shepherds, allowing the shepherd to be protected from the elements whilst tending his flock during lambing seasons.

These huts were often made from disused bits found on the farm, recycled cast iron wheels with timber chassis and corrugated iron tops and sides

The hut was one big simple space with a stove for cooking and warmth and a bed for the night. Windows allowed the shepherd to keep an eye on his sheep, and a stable door, allowed him to hear them.

Today shepherd huts are very desirable as tiny houses, chill-out zones, glamping… if you are in need of a small, delightful, movable space ….. a shepherd hut is for you.

About OJW and Shepherd Huts

OJW is a joinery business based in the Elgin Valley, just outside Cape Town in South Africa, and was opened in 2009 by Simon Smith.  After many successful years in the highly demanding contract joinery business, Simon opted to create a more personalised and highly skilled operation which could be managed closely, offering complete client satisfaction with regard to the finished project.  Simon has owned and run operations specialising in high end joinery in South Africa since 1996. Prior to this he has extensive experience from ten years in the UK market where he originally trained in carpentry and joinery trade.

With Simon’s passion for traditional joinery and post and beam building techniques OJW embarked on a new and exciting path manufacturing shepherd huts.  The first prototype hut called the “Intimate Sleeper”, rolled off the production line in late 2017.